Electrical Machine Lab


The electrical machine laboratory is intended specifically to meet the needs of modern courses in electrical machines. It is used at undergraduate level for studying the characteristics and operation of Single Phase and Three Phase Transformer, Dc, Induction, Synchronous and Special Electrical Machines using state of the art teaching modules.

Basic Electrical Engineering Lab


This is the basic lab for all the branches of BE. Here students interact with various theorems, laws like KCL KVL .This lab is fully equipped with equipment like transformers, all measuring instruments (voltmeters, ammeters, watt-meters, and energy meters), rheostats, capacitors, inductors, to conduct the experiments.

Network Analysis Lab


This laboratory is equipped with all the modern circuit theory lab equipments and their manuals. Experimental tools on different network parameters like Z, Y, T, H parameters. Measurement and Instrumentation Lab

The training and exercises in this laboratory include; DC technology, Ohms resistance, AC technology, AC / DC measuring instruments and techniques, AC / DC voltage sources, capacitors in AC / DC circuits, coils in AC / DC circuits, protective engineering and measurements, electrical networks.

Control System Lab


This course introduces students to fundamental control systems theory with emphasis on design and implementation. Here students learn the various control methods which are being used in the industries now a day.

Power Electronics Lab


To Meet with new electronics trends of modern or this lab gives the description of Power semiconductor devices like IGBTs, Power MOSFETs, Driver ICs, LCR-Q meter and other devices for making and testing analog and digital circuits, Thyristor converters, DC chopper modules, power devices such as Thyristors.

High Voltage Engineering Lab


It specializes in the measurement and testing of equipment and components of Electric Power Engineering. It will also meet the innovative course work, curriculum, research of the students and the testing needs of nearby utilities and industries.

Switchgear and Protection Lab


The Switchgear and protection laboratory is intended specifically to meet the needs of modern courses in power system. These includes switches, fuses, relay, circuit breakers, control panels, lighting arrester, CT, PT and various associated with equipment.

Siemens (PLC-SCADA) lab :


ITM College of Engineering have partnered with Siemens India, under which Siemens will further develop State of the Art Laboratories on campus and provide training to faculty and students. Thus students getting admissions in ITM College of Engineering, Nagpur will receive training on World Class Siemens products and Siemens Certification in areas such as PLC, SCADA, Drives, Switchgear, and Motors etc.

Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation Lab :


This laboratory have experimental set up for measurement of resistance, inductance & capacitance. Experimental kits for verification of various theorem. DC motors as well as Induction motor available for conducting practical’s. Calibration of meters. DSO, Computing, interfacing & internet facilities for advanced project work.


The vision is of the Siemens lab is to train the faculty and students of ITM College of Engineering in order to get which provide the foundation for the success of students.Energy efficiency , Industrial productivity, Affordable and personalized


The mission of Siemens is to produce a wide range of products and solutions designed with the environment and engage with climate change.