Advanced Microprocessors and Microcontroller Lab:

This lab is utilized by the B.E. 7th Sem. And 5th Sem. Electronics & Communication Engg. Students. It also has all the facilities to test the programs in assembly language and machine language for 8085 and 8086 and 8051 microcontroller. KITEK made kit – 8086, 8085 and 8051 based development boards which is PC interfaced used for various programming. It also has other supporting hardware cards required for 8086 ,8085 microprocessor like ADC, DAC,LED interfacing card, Traffic light controller, keyboard interface, PPI 8255, 8279, 8237, 8155, 8257, 8212, 8251, 8259, 6116/6264,IC tester, seven segment display, 5x4 key matrix, 16x1 and 16x2 LCD display DC motor, stepper motor, DC motor and many more, . This lab is used by the students Electronics and communication Engg. to enhance their knowledge in the field of microprocessor and microcontroller with application oriented.

Digital Signal Processing Lab:

This lab introduces students to DSP design and analysis techniques that are core knowledge for DSP engineers, and which serve as solid grounding for advanced level work in DSP. This lab aims at supporting the teaching and research activities in the area of DSP, which are either currently being. The lab aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • To emphasize the teaching of key DSP concepts, such as overview of discrete time signal and systems in time domain, and frequency domain, sampling and reconstruction of analog signals, signal and systems representation in complex frequency domain, solution of differential equations using z transform, computation of Fourier transform and its efficient implementation, Discrete Fourier transform and Fast Fourier transform, Structure for the implementation of digital filters, FIR Filter design and IIR Filter Design.
  • To provide an understanding of how to design signal processing systems and process data in a software simulation like using MATLAB, including how to:Create and analyze signals Create and analyze filters Apply signal and filter specifications to real-world designs and to implement the DSP algorithms in software and to familiarize key DSP Concepts in a practical way with MATLAB examples and computer demonstrations and MATLAB techniques to analyze z and inverse z transforms.
  • To give students an introduction to real-time DSP requirements by exposing them to the use of some educational DSP kits with real-time capability, which will help them get acquainted with the programming of these devices and some typical hardware and functions found in practical applications such as I/O interface cards (A/D, D/A, I/O filters), types of DSP processors and their different characteristics, interrupts, etc.

Analog Circuit Design:

This lab is used to test, verify and demonstrate the circuit design of basic analog electronics system which includes the characteristics of basic Operational-Amplifier 741 IC. It is used to design the circuits like Instrumentation amplifier, Integrator & Differentiator, Adder & Difference, and Clipper & Clamper. Also it is used to evaluate circuit parameters of 555 Timer IC which includes the Astable, Monostable & Bistable Multivibrator Circuits. It provides the practices to design and test voltage controlled oscillator with PLL. The students shall able to test, evaluate and elaborate the good knowledge of designing the Analog Electronics system.